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*cries* Oh god those lines are amazing and you have such a good eye for composition.

Fff, thank you!  ♥

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The count and his witch… or is it the other way around?
Erica belongs to Aziza. 
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s-intent sent: Top five favorite artists? Either dead or alive.



Like visual artists? Here are some contemporary digital artists I look at and go “HOW?” aaand a couple of dead ones just for good measure.

  1. Versispellis
  2. Julie Dillon
  3. White Mantis
  4. Théophile Steinlen (I really like the look of French Art Nouveau style in general)
  5. Albrecht Dürer (His woodcuts, mostly. So cool.) 

Psst Vee. You have an awesome fan.

You’re awesome. You’re both awesome. I want to art like both of you. You both surpassed me years ago because you keep at it and stuff.

I’ve decided you guys should trade. Liz can paint Amnis and Vee can paint Salvatore. Fuck, I’m such a genius. Make it happen, ladies.

M-my heart. ♥

I apologize for the late acknowledgment.  Something about my dash being swamped and college being a thing. 


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I redo this on occasion to show myself that I’ve improved.  I recall having issues with the previous iteration even after just finishing it.  I didn’t realize just how many things were off until I sketched this, though.
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And then there’s this guy.
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Cat form?  
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“You dismantle me…”
Piper (the redhead) is mine, Theo belongs to Vee.

I really wanna revisit this picture because it gives me so many feels buhuhuhuhu.

It’s beautiful the way it is, but I’d also love to see what you do with it now.  So conflicted!  This really is a lovely picture.  It’s one of my favorites. 
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The Butcher by Versispellis
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His pink bellyyyyyy c:

♥ Yessss ty.  Many of my design choices were centered around ‘there needs to be more pink.’ 

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Exalted Hunter by Versispellis
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